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Change which programs Windows 7 uses by default Content provided by Microsoft Applies to: Windows 7 Select Product Version A default program is the program that Windows uses when you open a particular type of file, such as a music file, an image, or a webpage. For example, if you have more than one web browser installed on your computer, you can choose one of them to be the default browser.

In Default Programs, dqting can: Set your default programs Use this option to choose which programs you want Windows to use, by default. If a program does not show up in the list, you can make the program a default by usa dating site list youtube Set Associations.

Usa dating site list youtube

Click Associate a file type or protocol with a program. Click the file type or protocol that you want the program to act as the default for. Click Change program.

Click the program that you want to use as the default for the file type you selected, or click the arrow next to Other Programs to show additional programs. If you usa dating site list youtube see Other Programs, or your program is not listed, learn more here Browse to find the program you want to use, and then click Open.

If no other programs are installed that are able to open the file type or protocol, your choices will be limited. If read article don't see the program you want to use as the default, click the arrow next to Other Programs to see a list of programs available on your computer.

This is the 'video' version of the podcast - it has pictures to illustrate the speech. Because the best feature about these apps datlng that you not only get the paid games and app for free you also get the modded version of the different apps and games. Robert Leonard Ph.

Click OK. Note You cannot change an association for a file type or continue reading and leave it blank or disassociated. You must select a new program.

Usa dating site list youtube

The options you set here only apply to here user account. Your choices won't affect other user accounts on this computer.

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